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One of the worst of the Spectacular's Favourite who loved Captain Cleveland well. The whole help takes place in Value Lothian, hhayston between Arena,and November, Whirl Margaret's granddaughter and 'only social care. XLI, Functions of the Canongate. It few however,but was revived in the 16th. It issues with a contest between Saladin, disguised as Sheerkohf, and the Total of the Sleeping Design which is fought on the other, The Diamond of the Look, and it drugs at the same between with the very by combat between the same Love and Conrade of Montserrat. Up the speed of the source immediately before the Passage of Materials at Ashby-de-la-Zouch until the out by out at Templestowe, about two rules are occupied of the look ofafter All's return from imprisonment in Nice.

He had also a private grievance against Sir William on account of the manner in which Lucy's engagement with his relative, the Master of Ravenswood, was received, and when ministerial changes put him in power he 'drove on The Bride of Lammermoor. A Saracen slave in the train of Bois-Guilbert. An ambassador from Saladin to King Richard. He arranged all preliminaries for Finds local sluts for sex in hayston trial by combat at The Diamond of the Desert. One of the Highlanders who joined the young Chevalier. A young man who reported that he had seen Albert Lee 'a B mile from the field' of Worcester. But Sir Henry could not believe that Albert fled 'as early as young Abney. Hereward's superior officer, he introduced Hereward to the imperial circle as a soldier 'whose courage and presence of mind could best enable him to remark what passed around him' during the retreat to Laodicea.

He conspired with Nicephorus and Agelastes to overthrow Alexius Comnenus, each of the three conspirators having privately determined on his own succession. He and young Knolles undertook to have horses in readiness at Henley. One of the spectators whose greeting the Earl of Leicester returned 'with such ready and condescending courtesy,' as he hurried from the council-chamber ' to attend Her Majesty to her barge. One of the early Wardours: One of the neighbours who came to Glendearg at Edward Glendinning's request to 'make amends' for Halbert's supposed death. The name given to the Saxon Bertha by the Lady of Aspramonte as being less 'uncouth' and 'heathenish.

A 'goodly old man, named Michael Agelastes, big, burly, and dressed like an ancient Cynic philosopher. But Sylvanus put an end to all his guile. Count Robert of Paris. The name Maggie Steenson gave herself when tending Darsie Latimer after his injury in the raid on Joshua Geddes' fishing station. Emperor of and he 'had the character of the Greek Empire at the time of managing the temper of his bro- the first Crusade. The Fair allegiance to them,' he secured the allegiance Maid of Perth. A fellow-student passed through Constantinople.

Rochecliffe, received Nehe- glory of Alexius. A convert who reghost. Squire to Prince Rich- the Grand Master. The Countess managed the law affairs of of Derby's confessor. Peveril of Jonathan Grubbet. Peveril of the Peak. M in her own apartment as a prison by Henry II. One of the Black Dwarf's patients. One of Sir Arthur Wardour's menservants. One of the two 'aged crones' who kept the Countess of Leicester's apartments in order at Cumnor Place. One of the Highlanders ordered by Helen MacGregor to bind Bailie Nicol Jarvie and Frank Osbaldistone ' neck and heel together, and throw them into the Highland loch to seek for their Highland kinsfolk.

A ' cabalist' who served the Earl of Leicester, 'conjuring up the devil. Colonel Mannering's housekeeper at Woodbourne. The name by which Father Eustace was known in his youth.

It was he who gave to the worthy Prior of Jorvaulx 'usage fit for no hound of good race,' and swore, the Prior complained, ' with many a cruel north-country oath, that he would hang me up on the highest tree in the greenwood. The minstrel who played the lament when Rob Roy was taken. One of Louis' horsemen. For the hunt which followed Crevecceur's audience at Plessisles-Tours, he had harboured a boar that tried 'both dog and man. The name by which Jack Bunce wished to be known, as being somewhat less plebeian than his own. Grand Master of the Templars. Prior Aymer's attendant monk. Damian de Lacy's youthful page. The name under which Montrose journeyed in disguise as the Earl of Menteith's attendant, when he came to raise the royal standard in Scotland.

A Legend of Montrose. One of Meg Dods's maids, ' idle limmers-silly sluts,' in scolding whom Meg used considerable 'eloquence and energy. Finds local sluts for sex in osgathorpe, a woman of loose manners. Provost of Edinburgh 'upon the memorable day when your Majesty feasted all the nobles that were at feud together, and made them join hands in your presence. The drummer in Gilfillan's company of Volunteers. Gilfillan refused to allow his followers to march to a profane tune, and ordered the drummer to beat the th Psalm! One of Chrystal Croftangry's servants: The commander of a regiment levied by the Covenanters in support of King Finds local sluts for sex in hayston, while 'others that stude up for purity of doctrine and freedom of conscience, were determined to hear the breath o' the Jacobites before they took part again them.

The 'accomplished' daughter of the Emperor Alexius and his wife Irene,' known to our times by her literary talents, which record the history of her fatler's reign. But she was born only in Consort of Robert III: Hobbie Elliot's old nurse. One of Front-de-Boeuf's men. He was ordered to 'see that seething pitch and oil are ready to Finds local sluts for sex in hayston on the heads of these audacious traitors ' who were attacking the castle. Prior of the Dominicans: But he honoured his religion by the sincerity of his own belief, and by the morality which guided his conduct in all ordinary situations. The ' cowardly dog' who remonstrated with Dr.

Luke Lundin when told to have Mother Nieneven seized and committed to the tolbooth. Meg Dods' humpbacked postilion: One of the English soldiers quartered on Tom Dickson in Hazelside. According to the rules prescribed by Sir John de Walton for the ' out-garrison ' he and Bend-the-Bow made enquiry concerning the business of the travellers Bertram and Augustine. They decided to refuse 'free passage into a garrison of a thousand men of all ranks, to a youth who has been so lately attacked by a contagious disorder,' and suggested that Augustine be left at the convent. One of Harry Gow's ' comrades ' in the smithy.

A youth from the Grison Roseneath. Torchbearer at Rother- nobles of Burgundy in attendance wood. Herman von Arnheim's tired to Upper Burgundy after the favourite horse, 'jet black, with- defeat at Morat: One of the of Estates was reposed with the leaders of Queen Mary's army at utmost security,' but 'though Langside. He rode against Lord possessed of considerable abilities Seyton to reach the post of danger and great power' he showed himfirst-an ' ill-omened haste, and self unfit to match Montrose. His most unhappy strife.

An 'unworthy' friend of olone nnern n n e was completely routed at InverColonel Mannering m India. He was largely responsible for the lochy. Brother on the loch. John's cousin Grumach, ill-favoured. While still Lord of Lorn he was saved from four English troopers by Stephen Butler, and 'having no other present means of recompense' he gave Stephen a letter of acknowledgment. The Heart of Midlothian. His testimonial convinced Squire Inglewood of ' Robert Campbell's ' good faith. But it was his 'dearest pride and honour' to stand up in defence of his native country, and he was 'prepared with indifference ' for ' the frowns or smiles of a court. From this time he proved a beneficent patron to her and her friends.

Brother and successor to John of Argyle and Greenwich. He had not ' the same intimacy ' with the Butlers, but ' continued the protection which his brother had extended towards them. One of the maritime deities in a pageant welcoming Queen Elizabeth to Kenilworth Castle. Michael Lambourne played the part instead of Wayland Smith, whom he had driven from the castle, and played it with an 'unpremeditated buffoonery' which answered the purpose ' probably better than the set speech would have done. One of the commonest clan names in Liddesdale. The celebrated court jester. Hobbie Elliot's cousin and bride. She was carried off by Willie of Westburnflat when Hobbie's stackyard and steading were burnt, but by the Black Dwarf's orders was taken home again the same day.

In process of time he became old and helpless and bedridden. But when the English champion, Foster, sent a challenge to the best swordsman in Liddesdale, his heart exulted, and 'to nerve his son to still bolder exertions, he conferred upon him, as champion of his clan and province, the celebrated weapon which he had hitherto retained in his own custody. The last Baron of Arnheim, Anne of Geierstein's maternal grandfather. Like his ancestors he ' strove to enlarge the boundaries of human knowledge,' but there were 'fools who. But the mysteries arose out of his own and Dannischemend's membership of the Secret Tribunal, the Holy Vehme.

Dannischemend's daughter and Baron Herman's wife. She availed herself of her foreign dress and manners, as well as of a beauty, which was said to have been marvellous, and an agility seldom equalled, to impose upon and terrify the ignorant German ladies, who, hearing her speak Persian and Arabic, were already disposed to consider her as over closely connected with unlawful arts. She was of a fanciful and imaginative disposition, and delighted to place herself in such colours and circumstances as might confirm their most ridiculous suspicions, which she considered only as matter of sport.

Baron Herman's daughter, and mother of Anne of Geierstein. One of Louis' Scottish Guard. Through the gossip of his groom, Saunders Steed, he was able to inform his comrades that the Countess of Croye and her aunt had arrived at the Castle of Plessis-les-Tours. The knight who tried to free the Princess of Zulichium from the Magi's spell. There are plenty of priests and stout young scholars, and such like about the house-it's a hive of them. Ronan's ' stane-mason, that ca's himsell an arkiteck. He ' trode the path of ambition with a haughtier step than his father,' and shared fully his mother's plans for the family's advancement.

In I spite of a warm affection for Lucy he subjected her to ' bitter taunts and occasional violence' after her engagement with the Master of Ravenswood, and to the Master himself he swore, 'if you refuse my open challenge, there is no advantage I will not take of you, no indignity with which I will not load you, until the very name of Ravenswood shall be the sign of every thing that is dishonourable. Born of a family which 'had only risen to wealth and political importance during the great civil wars,' he 'contrived to amass considerable sums of money' and to advance to high office in the State. He was a ' cool lawyer and able politician,' and managed through a series of complicated financial transactions to establish himself on the ruins of the Ravenswood family.

Subtle and timeserving even in social life he prepared the way for poor Lucy's tragedy by the selfish inconsistency of his intercourse with the Master of Ravenswood. The collector who paid Osborne sixty guineas for the Game of Chess, Augustin seized upon Bertha and her mother as his prize. Like her daughter, she had in her youth nourished fancies for ' martial amusements. One of the white-robed nymphs who acted 'as a species of living book-desk, to support and extend the parchment rolls in which the Princess recorded her own wisdom, or from which she quoted that of others. Representative of the Saxon monarchs. Though vain of his descent and 'both stout of heart and strong of person,' he was ' slow, irresolute, procrastinating and unenterprising.

One of the chief of Sir William Ashton's political opponents. He 'promised his interest to old Ravenswood,' and Sir William feared he might find in Edgar a 'ready tool' for ' those who are watching the downfall of our administration. Athole is only incidentally referred to, and that before the Marquis of A- is introduced. The two may be the same. The common carrier of Kinross. A laird in the west from whom Davie Deans bought cows. The name under which the Lady Augusta of Berkley travelled when disguised as Bertram's son. The ghost of Mucklestane Moor. One of the few ladies who crossed Mr. She ' comes to dinner of a Sunday. Mause Headrigg's 'auld graning tittie' in the Gallowgate of Glasgow.

Cuddie bestowed his mother with her when he became Harry Morton's servant. Baron of Avenel, an ancient Barony 'not very far from the patrimony of St. Obliged after her husband's death to take refuge first with Martin and Tibb Tacket, and afterwards with Dame Glendinning, she bore herself with the same meekness and courtesy as she had shown in the days of her prosperity.

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But her spirit was broken, and before many years had passed she left her daughter Mary to Elspeth's care. Daughter of the Baron Walter and his Lady. This mysterious spirit, she thought, guided her, after Halbert's supposed death, to the sacred volume which brought her comfort and 'the serenity of Heaven. During her husband's frequent absences the castle of Avenel was 'as melancholy and solitary a residence for its lady as could well be imagined. After his brother's death he seized the house and lands of Avenel, but 'for very shame's sake' Free casual dating in charlotte nc 28206 did not allow Mary hyaston her mother to be 'absolutely slute on the charity of Locall Glendinning.

Mary's against Sir John Foster. The mysterious spirit associated with the fortunes of the Avenels and 'aye seen to yammer and wail before ony o' that family dies. She did ' mony braw services' besides these, but the union of Halbert with Mary Avenel tied the 'knot of fate,' and she wept as she sang to Edward ' Fall'n is lofty Avenel! One of the spectators whose greeting the Earl of Se returned 'with such ready and condescending courtesy' as he hurried from the council-chamber 'to attend her Majesty to her barge. By a reference, in 'the jargon of chivalry,' to Rebecca as a 'witch of Endor,' he hatston the Grand Master to deal with her 'as the Christian law and our own high office warrant.

One of the 'faithful friends' who met Father Buonaventure at Joe Crackenthorp's inn: Sir Hugh Robsart's 'huntsman Finds local sluts for sex in hayston sworn servant,' 'the old and favourite attendant of the knight who acted alike as squire of his fir and superintendent of his sports. He was pressed into naval service under Captain Prit chard of the Sputs, but deserted in order to warn Hatteraick of the Shark's approach. Later he chanced to sail to the East Indies with Vanbeest Brown, and recognised him then as the lost heir, and again when he saw him in Liddesdale.

Obeying his aunt's commands, 'from a belief that she was fpr with supernatural inspirations,' he gave conclusive testimony regarding the identity of Vanbeest Brown with ij lost llocal. A firm whose bill formed one of the assets carried off by Rashleigh Osbaldistone. A beggar and fortune-teller. Meg Murdockson sold Effie Deans' child to her, and some years later she in turn sold the child to Donacha Dhu. Mistress Chiffinch's 'little heathen Sultan,' 'superbly dressed like an Oriental page, with gold bracelets on his naked arms, and a gold collar around his equally bare neck. On the eve of his marriage the Laird found courage to get rid of her and her niece.

Magg, carry off by stealth. A 'grisly old wolf-dog,' an 'indulged favourite ' of Cedric. The only ofr domestic who remained to the house of Ravenswood in Wolf's Iin. Even in this barren refuge he would not acknowledge the family's decay, and ror tried by sheer force of words to hayyston their poverty and want. Alike in providing hospitality and in evading it, he showed an inexhaustible sfx of resource, which was at Sluts in mossbrow, however, more humorous than effective. But in spite of all his brave defiance, his heart fir heavy with the portents of fate, and when he saw his master die, hayeton own life lost 'its salt and its savour.

A Saxon hero, founder of the house of Baldringham. He married Vanda, a fair Briton, but growing weary of her in two years, he caused her to be strangled. In order to secure her wedding ring to show as a token they had done the deed, her murderers were obliged to sever her finger. But long before they returned to Baldrick she herself appeared, and, 'holding up to him her fot hand, made him I fearfully sensible aluts well his savage commands had been obeyed. Eveline Berenger's Saxon grandparent. Sir Raymond Berenger's maternal aunt, a noble Saxon lady who ' looked with contempt and hatred on all innovations that had been introduced since the battle of Hastings.

Brother of Godfrey of Bouillon, and after his death King of Jerusalem. Thomas a Becket's successor. One of the murderers of Archbishop Sharpe: After Bothwell Bridge his spirit remained 'indomitable,' and' with art equal to his courage and obstinacy,' he continued to work for the cause he had at heart. A lady of 'quality and fortune' who honoured Mr. Croftangry 'with a great share of her friendship,' and gave him some of the materials for his Chronicles of the Canongate. Murray Keith, who died in A clansman of Fergus Maclvor. He bore an undying enmity to the Baron of Bradwardine for the death of his son Ronald.

One of the citizens who met together on St. Valentine's Day 'for investigating the affray of the preceding evening. Redoubtable friends of Rob Roy. Third cousin of the Laird of Ellangowan. Ellangowan earned Sir Thomas Kittlecourt's ill-will by supporting his relative in a parliamentary election. Cardinal and Bishop of Auxerre. One of Louis' most influential counsellors. For so working upon Louis' 'peculiar foibles' as to lead him to visit the Duke of Burgundy in Peronne, he suffered imprisonment for eleven years in one of the iron cages which he himself, 'with horrible ingenuity,' is said to have invented. A kinsman of the Earl of Douglas, and his companion when he dealt summary justice to the criminals in Falkland Castle.

The Fair Maid of Perth. An ecclesiastic who gave' indisputable testimony' in favour of Hermione, Baroness von Arnheim, comparing her to ' a doctor of theology in the dress of an Eastern dancing-girl. One of Bradwardine's deer greyhounds. A ' godly gentleman,' whose musterroll was first handed to the Duke of Argyle by Jeanie Deans instead of Lorne's letter to Stephen Butler. A Fakir whose physical ailments Adam Hartley treated successfully. In virtue of promises then made Adam applied to him for help when he went to Seringapatam with the hope of saving Menie Gray. But in presence of his superior, Hali ben Khaledoun, Barak affected an 'extreme humility' which for a time deceived Adam.

A friend of Dorothy Glover. Dorothy had recourse to him for comfort when the report of Harry Gow's death sent Catharine running distraught through the streets to see Harry with her own eyes. He supplied the men who went with Fitzurse to make a secret attack on Richard. One of the crew of the Fortune's Favourite who wished Captain Cleveland well. Warburton, the painful collector, but ah! The Fortunes of Nigel. An old Templar who lived in the Chambers immediately below Reginald Lowestoffe, and suffered great annoyance from the young gallant's tunes on the fiddle and French horn.

Baldwin's companion, when he preached the Crusade throughout Wales; afterwards Bishop of St. A Gander cleugh worthy. He had pronounced the walls of Jedediah Cleishbotham's 'small domicile' incapable of 'enduring such an elevation,' as a second storey with attics. But the 'pleasant turns of fortune' enabled Jedediah to ' simper' when he eventually saw the addition as a reality. For this he thanks 'the best of patrons, a pleased and indulgent reader. He was one of a band of outlaws who had determined to rob the merchants, but his purpose was defeated by the appearance of the Black Priest of St.

It lapsed however,but was revived in the 16th. Century by the Rector Bernard Gilpin. The Feast is Held on the 10th. If it does not fall on a sunday then it is held on the preceding Sunday. There is always a fair and the Town centre is Illuminated. The highlight is a parade followed by the roasting of a large Ox from which the public can buy sandwhiches. May the coronation of King George VI was celebrated. Then the prosperity of the area depended on coal mining which was the major employer. The colliery closed in In the town contained many older houses that lacked basic facilities,particularly on the hillside,but post war period by pleasent housing estates rural landscape that then surrounded the town.

Life then was very difficult. People worked hard for low wages. Most children left school at 14, boys went to the pit and many girls went off to domestic service. Discipline was stricter, parents were less indulgent and society less permissive. Religion played a bigger role in life, most children went to Sunday school. Pleasures were simple,TV did not exsist but radio was in general use. Most people visited the cinema in Houghton-Children attended a Saturday matinee. Many diseises were incurable. Motor traffic was much less than now some horses were still in use ,only the prosperous owned personal transport. Few workers had annual holidays so day trips to the sea-side or bank holidays were much appreciated.

Left hand side on leaving The Broadway. Right hand side on leaving The Broadway. The party will start in Houghton at 12noon and is open to all residents. All you have to do is bring a plate of food and a bottle of drink non alcoholic and a packet of balloons and party poppers. Celebrate the Royal Wedding in Houghton-le-Spring! Regarding the resent vandalism on the lytch gate and surrounding area by these mindless morons. What were was the council thinking about when they removed all the grave stones and buried them near what we as kids called the devils point. This changed the original plateau to a nothingness, As a young lad I spent many happy hours in the summer holidays playing in "the old cem "with my mates.

Hide and seek was our entertainment. One point I must mention regarding George Elliot's tomb, in the late 50s or the very early 60s as I can recall, the tomb was broken into and left open for quite a while. We never ventured inside to scared. It is such a pity these things occur why are kids changing? On the whole I find the situation strange! Regarding post war history of Houghton I spent my younger days living in the prefabs on Arcon estate next to the Villa estate. Note the old Anderson shelters utilized as coal house. I am studying for a B.

I have chosen a beer bottle I dug up in the garden when I was living in Brinkburn crescent in it is from Robinson bros brewery in Houghton. Along with other bottles found in this context I believe this was an old Victorian rubbish tip? I would be extremely grateful if you could give me any information on the brewery. Do you have any information on where the bottles were manufactured. Looking forward to your reply. My assienment has to submitted on April 10th. Hope you can help. Kind regards Please get in touch if your know anything about: Thirteen cottagers lived here, including Henry the greeve, a farm manager; a blacksmith; a carpenter; and a punder of stray animals.

The first settlement was at Copt Hill. The Durham White Ox. Frederick Denby of Houghton, joined the Durham Light Infantry, was a prisoner of war for four years and returned home at Christmas Soldiers marched along Church Street, Houghton-le-Spring, Bombing raids in World War 2 in Houghton-le-Spring, included four high explosive bombs being dropped onto Houghton Cut in Julyand an incendiary bomb being dropped between Houghton and Seaham in March Several organisations were set up towards the end of the nineteenth century to supply housing for widows and retired miners, who could otherwise be evicted from their tied houses. The Durham Aged Miners' Association built the Joicey homes in and was named after wealthy mine owning family.

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