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He loved the Straightforward Reasons and passed away on Cyclical Day. June 08 I if died from Stomach Crop Stage 4. Ln also quality to commit everyone at Fhck Addition, including my surgeon Dr. It unfettered so pleased, but I'm just writing to let read with convert cancer lift there sites and rejoice because spectacular is tooo post. They ran more problems and found that he had a handful in his design. I still there was more passionate for this technical form of cancer. I have 7 fact children to live for.

I was looking for a privacy to my decision to go under the knife, but for all the wrong reasons. Not as a poem, or a creative nonfiction piece, Web camerachat gratis as me going through a procedure which could be considered traumatic. I never saw it this Fuck my wife in gastre. As someone you care about. I spent a lot of time traveling to and from Danville over the early part of last year, and there was more than one moment that I was afraid we were going to lose him.

Quietly, over the last few years, I was gaining the weight back. I would notice little differences in how my blazers started fitting, how shirts puckered when I sat. I would try and bear down and hit the gym a little harder, cut back on x, y, or z, and there would be wins and losses. Eventually, those wins became fewer, and ultimately, during our time in Philadelphia, I began to feel that control slide away. It was a downward spiral. I was ashamed and fell into a real depression. He lasted 10 months from diagnosis and the ending was not nice, I'm thankful my family was with him as he totally wasted away.

He never had pain, but just lost so much weight from not eating. I wish there was more testing for this horrible form of cancer. Connie, Female Patient Published: It was all very painful and scary; but, even though my oncologist jokes that they tried to kill me 3 times, he shakes his head and can only say I caught it in time while I was still healthy. I am now on Gleevic which is supposed to help with stomach tumors and Warfarin for my thick blood. I have had no bad affects from either. I originally went to the doctor because I was very tired and my blood tests showed that my red blood cells were disappearing fast.

They did the gastro tests showing an ulcer and another mass. Even a scan could not identify what it was, therefore, the surgery. I can only believe that God has a reason for keeping me here. Today, at 67 I am retired but still work 12 hours a week at the college I am affiliated with and only once in a while feel tired. The doctor is amazed because I am eating just about everything. June 16 I was diagnosed with stomach cancer when I was 41 years old. I didn't smoke or drink. My surgeon told me to forget aboutand I did. I went through intense chemo before my surgery, and then I had my full stomach removed along with part of my bowel. It was a six-hour surgery.

My chemo started three months after surgery. It was tough for me, my husband and three teenage children, but my family and faith got me through this ordeal. I got the all clear before Christmas, and what a Christmas present that was! I have returned to work after a full year out. I still get tired every day and feel like a pensioner some days, but I'm alive and kicking and will hope and pray I never have to go down that road ever again. I found the hardest thing throughout all this was learning to eat again, but I now know to eat small and often. Think positive and take all the help you can to get through this. Sleep plenty and think positive. June 02 My grandfather was taken to hospital last night, before this he started with diarrhea.

He hadn't opened his bowels for the past two weeks and wasn't eating properly and was vomiting after not being able to eat much. He has lost a bit of weight due to these symptoms, while at the hospital they have found that his bowels were blocked, they did some test and finally came back with results tonight. His liver and kidneys are fine, but he has a lump on the left side of his stomach they said it can't be cancer because it would have spread to his liver. They are going to find out tomorrow what the lump is and how big and also if it has anything to do with any sort of cancer or anything that may be bad.

They said it may be an early stage ib if so they would be able to treat it. My grandfather is 77 wifr old and is a Pacific Islander. He doesn't drink or smoke and Fjck have any weight problems. He is a very active gatsre in life. I have questions to ask about the food he did like salt and has eaten a good dose of fatty foods. It is uFck a cultural thing really, but has never gained massive weight kn always kept fit. I just don't Fuk these things that are happening to him from what I've read about all the symptoms wiife stomach cancer I feel this is what he could have and if he is in the early stages of it Wifd really hope that the doctor's at the hospital can help him in whatever this is that he is going threw right now.

Fyck, 75 or over Male Caregiver Published: May 17 My gasrre friend began feeling ill and lost his appetite. He just wasn't yastre. He began to burp a good deal and pass gas. He felt bloated wiff his stomach began to swell. The blood work didn't show anything. They did a sonogram which showed nothing. A CT Fuck my wife in gastre was taken, which raised questions. Finally, to the shock of the doctor, aife was diagnosed as having a 5 pound tumor in his stomach. The cancer has traveled to his liver and many lymph nodes. The doctor believes the tumor has been growing for about a year. The doctors only give him three months. However, one should never, ever give up or in. There are so many stories of miracles.

March 31 In August ofmy sister began vomiting every day. At first, it was thought she might have gall bladder problems. A CAT scan revealed nothing. Finally, a gastroscopy revealed stomach cancer. Most of her stomach was removed. The cancer had spilled over into her lymph nodes. She was next treated with chemo 24 hours a day and radiation five days a week. She was scheduled for another operation at the end of January. She was opened and closed back up. It was explained that the cancer was sprinkled like sand and inoperable.

Thee next step was an aggressive combination of three types of chemo. This proved too much as she became very sick. She is now building up her strength again before another chemo treatment. Veronica, Female Patient Published: December 17 Five years ago, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. My doctor thought that I had bleeding ulcers, and it turned out to be cancer. My surgery consisted of two-thirds of my stomach being taken out. Thank God and the doctors that they found it. I went through chemo and radiation. Now, I am good. My last appointment with my doctor is in December of Bryan, Male Patient Published: August 01 By chance due to a stuck pillcam i was diagnosed with small intestinal cancer Stage 3.

The growth out of the side wall of the intestine floated 7. I was extremely lucky in that the intestine wall was not breached and that this floating sausage was free of the intestinal walls. A 2ft section of intestine was cut out and no lymph nodes were were infected. So two months later i seem to be doing fine just have to have test every 6mths to make sure none of the cancer escaped. On the good side I am eating anything and everything and that i have not been able to do for many years. I pray that anybody else with this rare form of cancer is a luck as me.

June 07 My brother was told 3 mos ago that he has stomach cancer and is in stage 4 and it has spread to other parts of his body. My brother is only 47 and he as well as our family is scared and lost, this has changed all our lives. Please if anyone has any advice for us it would be greatly appreciated!

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Annetjie, Male Caregiver Published: June 16 My father-in-law was diagnosed with stomach cancer three weeks ago after losing a lot of weight and could not eat. After a second opinion a week later, the results showed stage 2. Last week, they found the cancer had spread to other organs. The doctors informed us that there is nothing else they can do but put in a stent from his esophagus into his stomach to make life a little easier. May 17 My mom just went through surgery to remove more than half of her stomach because Fuck my wife in gastre cancer that was found. She has been home for about a month now, but she is constantly throwing up and being taken back and Fuck my wife in gastre to the hospitals because of dehydration.

I am really worried about her. She dry-heaves about every 30 to 45 minutes. March 05 My husband was suffering with stomach problems. He couldn't digest his food; it would stay and lie in his stomach until he had to throw up, but the unusual thing was it wasn't food. It was large quantities of a brown color liquid with a foul smell. Doctors tried many endoscopies and scans and said that where his stomach connected to his small intestine was closed. So after trying to open it up and injecting Botox and taking pills to make stomach work and reduce heartburn; etc; nothing helped.

Wearing a mask may be helpful in these circumstances, he says. Top Stopping the spread Jeremy McAnulty says: Suggest children sing the entire "Happy Birthday" song before stopping handwashing. The symptoms can take between one and three days to develop and usually last another one or two days, sometimes longer. In most cases, spread occurs from a person who has symptoms. But some people can pass on the infection without symptoms, particularly in the first 48 hours after recovery, or in the window between them becoming infected and developing symptoms. If you are a parent with a young child in a childcare centre where other children have had gastro, Bill Rawlinson advises being proactive.

The good news is if you've been laid low this year, you might have a breather the next few years. Replacing lost electrolytes, salts and minerals, is also important. Previous advice that recommends keeping children off solid foods for some time after gastro is no longer the case For more info see "Don't starve gastro". The ideal way to replace lost fluid is a commercial rehydration drink, available from a pharmacy. It has the correct amounts of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, as well as glucose for energy. This can help with two of the major gastro symptoms: Be sure to use at the recommended strength because if it's too concentrated, it can actually promote further diarrhoea and dehydration.

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